Born in Spain, yet raised in France, this 25 years old actress/model has been creating some fashion buzz. After playing the role of mermaid Syrena in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film, she has been repeatedly seen conquering the Red Carpet with her impecable sense of style. Her dark hair, soft complexion and femenine allure give her somewhat of a classic beauty appeal, impossible not to be noticed. She is: Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey.

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A los 10 años encontró refugio de la ciudad de la furia en una máquina de escribir. Más tarde conectaría con la escritura de viajes en un intento de traducir la mirada poética sobre el mundo que la rodea. Desde entonces, se ha alejado y ha vuelto a la poesía como quien vuelve a los brazos del amante: buscando calor.

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  1. This girl is sooo beautiful!! And really stylish!! Didn´t know her!! Thanks for sharing!!
    BTW, I do have page in Facebook. Check for MY LITTLE SUEDE SHOES. Hope u find me! Do you have page there too?

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