Created and designed by none the less than Hollywood’s very own stylist, Melissa Laskin, the Elvis Laskin’s clothing line (wittingly named after Melissa’s cat) has swept away celebrities’ hearts and wardrobes in the most magnificent and striking way possible.
This California’s sweetheart, versatile wardrobe stylist/design talent has conquered Hollywood, not only working for some of the most recognized stars on the business (Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Hilary Swank, Katherine Heigl and Penelope Cruz, among many others), but also styling for some of fashion industry’s main magazines: GQ, In Style, Esquire, Glamour, Vogue, W Magazine, etc.
Melissa’s broad experience has brought her all the way to launching her apparel line last November, rapidly reaching every corner of the U.S. with multiple reps, and outstandingly landing in Fred Seagal in April of this year.
This ‘all so indie’ and arty combination is just amazingly wearable, allowing you to feel spectacularly original while enclosing you with a uniquely creative flair, hard to pass unnoticed. Laskin’s inspiration is translated into ingenious tops, perfect for your everyday city strolls, and fantastically striking dresses, achieving that feminine ‘one of a kind’ allure every woman seeks for. Stars like Mya, Bai Ling, Amber Rose, Jaimie Hilfiger, Robin Wright, Kristin Cavallari , and 944 magazine’s Editor-in-chief, Martine Bury, have already been spotted sporting Laskin’s designs.
Elvis Laskin is a synonym for hype, innovative and cool; it’s a MUST for all the hipsters out there, a real portrayal of ‘clothing as self expression’. The whole line stands as a flawless and sublime interpretation of art in its finest form, and that is… the fashionista one.
//A special thanks to Melissa Laskin for her disposition & collaboration.//
Check out Elvis Laskin’s designs, featuring the famous America’s Next Top Model 2007 winner, Caridee English.
From left to right: Mya, Amber Rose, Bai Ling, Jaimie Hilfiger and 944 Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Martine Bury.
PH: courtesy of Melissa Laskin


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