CHICA I.T.: Mónica Cruz

OMG! We have been stricken by the Spanish Style Inquisition. Monica Cruz is an actress and a professional dancer, best known for being the younger sister of the world famous and recognized actress Penelope Cruz.
Although in 2002 she began pursuing an actress career being casted in several French and Italian film productions, we should focus on her fashion sense, one of the most dazzling things about her. Almost as if it ran through their veins, the Cruz’s sisters have an additional sensibility to everything fashionable, and maybe it is because of the exquisite style gen that most Spanish women have. This is so accurate, that in 2008 and 2009 both of them designed their own clothing line for Mango.
Monica’s style is properly wonderful, with a unique approach to casual and a spectacular ability to look effortlessly trendy. She has that European sophisticated informality, that Madrilenian unusual sassiness that’s perfect when it comes to dressing techniques. This stunning foreign beauty certainly has what it takes to rise as an exotic style icon of her own and that’s why she has become our new I.T. Girl.

A los 10 años encontró refugio de la ciudad de la furia en una máquina de escribir. Más tarde conectaría con la escritura de viajes en un intento de traducir la mirada poética sobre el mundo que la rodea. Desde entonces, se ha alejado y ha vuelto a la poesía como quien vuelve a los brazos del amante: buscando calor.

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