She’s the new Indie Queen par excellence, she’s Kat Dennings! Born in Philly, Pennsylvania, Kat moved with her parents to L.A. at the short age of 15 to pursue an acting career.

Ever since one of her first roles in Hilary Duff’s movie ‘Raise your Voice’ (2004), she has delivered powerful and intriguing performances, with that understated, natural and bizarre touch that’s so particularly personal of hers.
With a curvaceous silhouette, dark hair and amazing eyes, Dennings has managed to captivate the indie film industry, owning every single role given to her.
Between her indie outstanding performances we find: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008), Charlie Barlett (2008) and Daydream Nation (2010).
Originally named Kat Litwack, she changed her last name to Dennings in the hopes of making it in the city of dreams despite her parents expectations. And she certainly did. Her ironic and sarcastic wit have turned her into a talented newcomer, with mesmerizing beauty, a unique style and an unforgettably sassy intelligence. That’s why Kat is our new CHICA I.T.

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A los 10 años encontró refugio de la ciudad de la furia en una máquina de escribir. Más tarde conectaría con la escritura de viajes en un intento de traducir la mirada poética sobre el mundo que la rodea. Desde entonces, se ha alejado y ha vuelto a la poesía como quien vuelve a los brazos del amante: buscando calor.

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