Brrr! Winter’s here and so are some wonderful knit worked creations, ready to keep us safe from the windy commotion. The beauty of knitted complexity has been in designers’ minds for a while now when it comes to frosty thoughts.
Spectacular maxi scarves have taken over the spotlight, adding some soft voluminous hints and shades to the female wardrobe. For instance, Custo Barcelona and Sita Murt chose amazingly mild tones of gorgeous colors, along with a soft looking complexion, convincing us to focus on the face and the importance of the make-up choices women make.
Coldness gets tougher, and so does this shielding essential, providing us some sort of tender balance between wool and a pleasant sense of dimension. Yielding ideas break through simple shapes concepts, as we reach for padded heaven.
In contrast to some furry neckwear pieces that also appeared this season, the knitted scarf’s adaptability seems perfectly subtle and easily wearable. It looks like we won’t be turning our backs on this excellent and magnified item anytime soon.


A los 10 años encontró refugio de la ciudad de la furia en una máquina de escribir. Más tarde conectaría con la escritura de viajes en un intento de traducir la mirada poética sobre el mundo que la rodea. Desde entonces, se ha alejado y ha vuelto a la poesía como quien vuelve a los brazos del amante: buscando calor.


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